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Torsionally Flexible Couplings

FLEXIPAD torsionally flexible couplings are highly elastic couplings. These couplings are very slim and compact. Torque is transmitted from the driver hub to the driven member via individual free floating elastomeric pads, which act as the only connecting medium between them. The elastomeric pads act like a fuse. In case of an extreme overload (eg. Short circuit or wrong synchronizing in case of diesel engines) the pads, which are the weakest link in the system, will shear disconnecting the drive and thereby protecting the connected equipment from dangerous overload. There is no damage to the equipment or to the coupling as there is no metal to metal contact between the driver and the driven half of the coupling.


FLEXIPAD safety couplings are not positive couplings and therefore disconnect the drive as soon as the pads have worn out with service or overload. The drive can be started again by simply replacing the drive pads, which can be done in a matter of minutes. As the drive pads are free floating, no axial forces are generated by the transmission of torque. Torsional stiffness of the FLEXIPAD coupling can be adjusted by choice of different grades of elastomeric pads. Optionally high performance polyurethane pads are also available.

FLEXIPAD couplings come with integral flange or with an intermediate adaptor plate for SAE and other flywheel mounting on diesel engines, and are also available for shaft to shaft connections.

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