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One Piece Spiral flexible coupling

Several Overlapping helical cuts are machined into one piece of material, thereby providing for flexing properties which compensate for angular, parallel and axial misalignments. spirex couplings have minimum windup and transmit torque with constant velocity.

Encoders, resolvers and other rotating instruments are only as accurate as the flexible coupling that connects them to the system they are monitoring.


spirex couplings can be designed to your requirements by changing the length, diameters, thickness and height of beams, and in alternate materials like stainless steel, copper, steel, etc.


spirex couplings are precision units and must be installed in natural position without pre-compression. The flexibility of the coupling may be adversely affected if installed, either in a compressed or a stretched condition.

  • Clean the shafts to ensure that they are free from oil, grease or any foreign substance.

  • Mount the spirex coupling on one shaft and fasten the locking screws. Refer the above figures for proper location of the coupling on the shafts. Similarly mount the second shaft into the coupling bore and fasten the coupling ensuring its natural position. In case of series SSR and SCR, the shafts may extend into the flexure area as shown.

  • Using a straight edge check the alignment at different point on the circumference, to ensure that the straight edge is in full contact over the entire length of the coupling.

  • Misalignment must not exceed the maximum permissible values specified. In case of skewed misalignment individual misalignments should not be taken at maximum

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