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Torsionally Stiff All Metallic Membrane Couplings

Fleximax Series HSP all metallic steel couplings are torsionally stiff, backlash free couplings, designed to meet the requirements of virtually any drive system. As distinct from other disc couplings, the stainless steel membrane pack is designed using our computer, to ensure that the line of the action of the force corresponds with the center line of the disc. The optimal membrane design allows highest degree of flexibility with buckling resistance and accommodates shaft misalignments. Fleximax couplings have no relatively moving parts, and as such require no lubrication and are virtually maintenance free. Series HSP couplings are also available in compliance with API 671 specifications.

  The transmission assembly is simple to install and can be removed without disturbance of the coupled machinery.  
  Features :  
No lubrication and maintenance
High torque capacity with low weight
Compatible for high temperatures and hostile environments
High flexibility due to optimized disc profile
Low end thrust and bending moment
High torsional rigidity
Available according to API 610 as well as API 671 standards upon request.
Available in several design configurations and non-standard spacer lengths.
Safety against the spacer member flying off in the unlikely event of failure of the membrane pack.
Serviceable temperature range: -40°C to +280°C.
# For Speeds greater than 3600 rpm, the recommended angular misalignment is 0.33 deg.
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