Product Range  
  Over 500 types of couplings from miniature to 5,00,000 Nm.  

Torsionally flexible couplings with the new innovative Spiders, Wrap - Around and Individual free floating Drive inserts for torque ratings upto 75,000 Nm

  Torsionally Stiff All metallic Membrane couplings with optimised Disc profile for torque ratings up to 100,000 NM
  spirex™ One Piece Spiral flexible couplings for encoders
  servostar™ backlash free star coupling with keyless connection for servo drives
  servodisc™ backlash free disc coupling with keyless connection for servo drives
shaft hub locking devices  
Frictional Shaft hub connections / Shrink Discs / Shaft Couplings with frictional locking
backlash-free shaft couplings  
safety clutches and torque limiters  
safety brakes and electromagnetic clutches  
  safety couplings
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