Our Expertise  

Over the years NENCO has offered several hundreds of customized tailor made designs to suit individual drive applications.


Mecashrinc Shrink Disc for 420mm dia shaft
and a rating of 900,000 Nm

Torsionally soft coupling with floating
shaft for engine transmission test bench



Roba-ES coupling to bridge a span of 7 mtrs
on a CNC Gantry Crane

Fleximax membrane couplings with shrink
discs for heavy duty pulpers



Fleximax torsionally stiff couplings
for printing machines

Pioneers in Fleximax Torque Measurement coupling
for on line torque measurement and control of torque



Spirex-our tiniest coupling for 3mm dia shaft onwards

Servodisc Coupling for torque measurement


Designed a large spacer coupling with 1 meter spacer distance and rating of 4000 hp at 1500 rpm for Sulzer Burckhardt, for reciprocating gas compressors

Highly critical impost substitute membrane couplings for Nuclear Power Plants

Large brake - drum couplings with 1 meter dia. brake drums for tyre making machinery

Large spacer couplings for air- conditioning compressors
High speed membrane couplings for positioning application on a textile machine
Flywheel couplings for Diesel Engines
NENFLEX couplings with a rating of 9,900 HP at 1500 RPM for a steel plant.
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